Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sleep On The Plain Floor?

Sometimes, we often thought that being a leader is a superb career with a good future. For kids, they saw nothing but big cars, big expenditures, big house(s) etc. For mid-age people, they love to look after the wrongdoings of the leaders and for the ageing, nothing but just follow the climate.

For those who care about leadership, everything about a leader is nothing but accountability, transparency and sometimes, how big was their mouths. Ideology and the hidden intention is rarely taken into accounts. Let say I have a problem to deal with A and his party, I will vote for B and his party, although I actually agree with neither. But as A was the incumbent leader, so let him overthrew by my voting power as I can fake my support for B just for this purpose. This is Malaysian way of politicking. Rare enough but true.

It doesn’t apply just on individual, these phenomenon also happens inter-organizational. When there is a group of sailor is voted as the navigator, there will be few other groups claiming that they could navigate the ship better. Knowing these opposing groups, they are all championing their different thought on navigation skills. They might set a quarrel between them and they also can fake a cordial ambience amongst.

It was not sarcasm when it comes to this phrase. If one can fake his enthusiasm on something, how sure they can refrain themselves telling lies. Or maybe this sentence is a good one. If I say that I will try loving her but actually I am not going to love her, will you eager to love me?

This was not a joke of the term. This is something that really happens here in Malaysia. When you are in someone’s shoes, will you wear it on your hands? You might say that, I will try something that the persons before me reluctant to do. But then, could you walk with your hand instead of your feet? If you try to do so, how long will you ever endure?

I might say that this or that persons are unsuited to be called a leader. They are corrupt, they took bribes (which I never saw), and they are ignorant. And now I was the leader as people supporting my words towards the past leadership. I will be transparent, accountable and I will hear each and every single grouse.

But what I should do when it comes to offers and offers and offers that at some levels came from my own people and supporters. “Sir, this is not bribe, this is a present for you. Just take it. I earn an enormous gratitude of yours.” Will I say “No. I would not take it. Thanks. I have a lot of it “ which later will turn up like “ OK. How nice. Thanks. But don’t expect anything from me. I’m not a corrupted person” or worse enough it will be like “Oh dear. You are the best one. Your works are tip-top! You are the one who supposed to get awarded!”. After all, we are human. And if we can fake on something, there is always a chance for us to do so in any means. Now that what I say, an opportunist will die if they let the opportunity goes by.

Summing up my post, nobody can say they are better than the other. They can show a betterment progress but one could not expect any better such an almost utopia kind of governance. Corruption is designated as a comforter on a leader’s chair. Will you sleep on a plain floor? Say if you are willing to, how long you will tolerate the endurance? Yes, all politician are the same.