Friday, May 09, 2008

The Unfit System

In my point of view, racial issue are the matters brought to worse by the hands of the politician. Politics kill the harmony in-made that running progressively.

We still gave a lame expression when we try to bring back the harmony in public.. dont deny it.( we are discussing ait we? so hold the ape fight. ) But then, why must these politician ?? I guess, they must be thinking that barkings dogs seldom bite. But it wasnt in malay point of view at all at least for a mass majority. I fear that Malay that was famously known with the word 'amuck' will reestablish the profanity.

To talk about racial things for a discussion are happen to be a mere discussion. But the feelings never went throughout the nation.

Although I can tolerate the critics to the feudal system for a positive efficiency, I cant tolerate when it comes from a representative of circa century old people that never wanted to be malaynized. Never at all. In fact, they hate it!!

It is not because the kings are oppressed in Mahathir's administration that made them keep silence, it was the recent government that dismissed the custom of seeking the king's consultancy. It is good for Perak Sultanate to impose public humility on Nizar for ignoring the institution. The Perak Sultanate are not stupid in laws. This is the reflection of the word soverignity.

For the century old migrated people, even their languange are not like the people of the kingdom. The mothertongue of the Kings. They even dismiss the importance of Malay Language. They now appraising the former colonist in term of verbal trade. They demand for the abolishment of partition between bumi and non-bumi, alas, they rejects assimilation that was the key for equalization.

In this ironic demand for an equal right, they did this without the wise hands to handle. They picking up controversist rather than a nation builder. It is now shaking the pillar of the nation. These people voted by the people and thus visualized the result of pure democracy that for once and all never suit with Malaysia at least, to date.

I believe that we may prevail our tolerance to the level that gain up respect. This must be in the hand of a two third government. A non rethoric nation builder that we admit, alas, every us admit, will fringely flourished by a fruit of untighten integrity for a small consolation.

Likewise told by Tun M, a weak government is not good for multi racial country.

I would say a mix government / small majority / simple majority government is only suits to HOMOGENEOUS race country like Japan, Italy , Thailand, Indonesia, orwhatsoever. And never with a complete racial sagregated Malaysia in everything, name it language, literature, art, religion, customs, daily life, entertainment, music, jokes, sentiments, and the hidden thoughts of the majority.

The implimentation of these kind of government in Malaysia is actually a beginning of unwanted turbulence.

What can you expect more when it have Karpalism in the strong opposition. Mean and never Malaynized. We are using a wrong system for this country. We need to be as firm as Singapore. But why we cant? Because majority of rakyat are retarded. Tey've been pissed off by these power maniac.

It was the matter of time for us to see the demolition of a respected system if we reluctant to vote for a strong government and never wanted such ambience of politic that in faulty just for the sake of power maniac that debating in such an ape fight. But rakyat voted them recently. The consequence is retak menanti belah.