Saturday, May 03, 2008

Most People Often Thought...

We often thought about what've the nation give us rather than what've we gave to the nation. This is common in a citizen that spending a long time born and raised in a tranquility of a country. The non-turbulence atmosphere are the best fertilizer to grow the ignorance of the noble effort to put tranquility and security into a perfect continuity.

We often thought that the rakyat having the power to play the voting game, thus, will heist the power from the corrupted government. This is common in a citizen that embracing the democracy system without knowing how to set the moderation device on. Without moderation, people's power are designed to kill a dynamic leadership. People are voting on emotional satisfactory rather than demanding for urgent explanatory.

We often thought that people's power is the noblemost aptitude in governance. This is common in a citizen that never learn about the history of the civilization. The most recent ruling system is made by those who wants to have easy acsess in substitution of a nation's leader as per favor of these people.

We often thought that we are wise enough to support a person that we thought as a pure democrat. This is common for people that living in malignancy at the most worse degree. Knowingly , there is a popular sarcastic phrase of the Malay quoted as ' A Malay always in a jealousy unrest seeing the success of another Malay '.

We often thought that an autocratic leader is not needed in the democratic country. This is common for the people that actually want to embrace freedom for everything. It was said that people are now unwilling to be binded with rules and regulation, hence, claiming that they are now an adult but sadly without any experience in facing turbulence.

We often thought that freedom of speech are now thriving in Malaysia without Dr. M as the leader. This is common for people that never knew the 'free water of input' that now flowing into their brain are coming from poisonous well of idea. The unconventionalized media that publishing thoughts are actually a long fragile bridge that crossing a stream of the dominative capitalist, from the land of the lame to the land of utopia and that we are now whilst crossing, jumping on it, shake it as an doubtful experiment on the fragility.

It was in the matter of time, we, each and every citizen regradless skin color, are no more than a group of overwhelmed human that defeated by a superior dictator and will beg for courtesy to stay alive in our own soil, and regretting what we've done.