Thursday, August 06, 2015

Serpihan ditemui disahkan milik MH370

Misteri kehilangan pesawat Boeing 777 MH370 terjawab akhirnya selepas 515 hari apabila pakar yang menganalisis serpihan sayap pesawat yang di temui mengesahkan ia adalah milik pesawat yang hilang tersebut.

Ia adalah ekoran keputusan bersama oleh pakar di pusat ujian aeronotik di Tulouse, Perancis yang mengkaji serpihan tersebut dan mengesahkan bahawa tidak syak lagi, berdasarkan fakta-fakta munasabah tentang sejarah terhempasnya pesawat model serupa, serpihan itu milik pesawat penerbangan Malaysia yang malang tersebut.

MH370: Reunion debris is from missing plane -BBC

Part of the aircraft wing found on Reunion Island is from the missing MH370 plane, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has confirmed.
Mr Najib said international experts examining the debris in France had "conclusively confirmed" it was from the aircraft.
The Malaysia Airlines plane carrying 239 people veered off course from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing in March 2014.
The debris was found on the remote French Indian Ocean island a week ago.
In a statement, Mr Najib said the "the burden and uncertainty faced by the families" in the 515 days since the aircraft disappeared had been "unspeakable".
"We now have physical evidence that flight MH370 tragically ended in the southern Indian Ocean," he added.

'Very strong indications'

French prosecutor Serge Mackowiak later confirmed the wing fragment, known as a flaperon, was from a Boeing 777 - the same make and model as the missing Malaysian airliner.
He said initial tests showed there were "very strong indications" the flaperon was from flight MH370. But he said confirmation would only come after further tests on the fragment, which would begin on Thursday.

"[Investigators] will try to do it as soon as possible in order to provide total and reliable information to the family of victims, who are on our minds at the moment," Mr Mackowiak added.
The debris is being examined at an aeronautical test centre near Toulouse.
The BBC's Hugh Schofield in Paris said there was some frustration that Mr Mackowiak refused to categorically confirm the fragment was part of the missing aircraft.
But there is little doubt now that the flaperon will be declared the first evidence of the plane in the coming days as no other Boeing 777s are thought to have crashed in the region.