Sunday, May 04, 2008

We Express Lame Harmony?

Imagine how human being that claimed to be the most civilized creature could not solve problems regarding race and religion issue. To make it worse, they love to call for discussion but later they handle it in bigotry manner. This is not the real concept of " We created human in various races so they could knowing on each other ", the infamous quote from the Al-Quran. This is nothing but the flaw that born as a prove of human imperfection. Defects are everywhere and civilization is a symbolic word for progress.

We born in the world that already made as a multiracial country as per suggested by the former colonial. But to date, we are having leaders that born in pre-independent age. They successfully influenced the youth of today with their bigotry politic and thus, slowing the auto-generating process of producing a brand new future generation.

" Many people all over the world are challenging on each other. Simply it made all the reflection of the attitude are totally inconsistant." - zamil , taman mewah, ulu kinta, ipoh

Anyone can easily reveal how hates are part of their so-called strength, without materializing the thought. Hate comes from disaffection, insufficiency and contradiction that polluting the air without proper equilibrium when it comes to the table of discussion.

Hate in society is best described as a result of a fake output by the mass towards each other. Without a flaw in the circuit of life, there will be no projected breakdown.

" The symbol of the u-topian excitement is always the power of the people. This is the penumbra that set a hide to the golden gate of chaosity." - azharina , batu 5, tambun, ipoh

Chaotic issue might only be handled by a special breeded people that born with a great thinking. But the unseen truth is how they handle things that beyond their disaffection as this is knowingly, was a part of human creation. No human being are born without the hate feelings.

"The hidden intention in one's mind always being the catalyst of their individual favor towards the dos and donts. Hate becomes the best part of the power to move a person's act." - safudin, taman perpaduan, ipoh.

The best thing to do for all human is to veil their hate feelings with a good anger management. This is a neccessity that should be built up urgently. Without anger management, life will be headlighted by emotion.

" Emotion will drag their feelings into actions. Actions will be uncontrolled when it being empowered by the multiplying of collective emotion." - isa abdul karim, kg. tengku hussin, ipoh.

The absence of respect and the sense of wanting a tranquil society will be the perfect additive to blow up the mass.

Haven't we feel that we are not willing to switch the stability with a turmoil. With a mess. With ruins everywhere. Do we had enough of our bright brand new days? Insensitive is the gunpowder of major civil war.

In this country, Malay comprise about 52% of the population. The Chinese was in 28% while the Indian with 8%. The other 12 are 70% of non-Malay bumis and the rest is named others including foreigner.

When the trend of cross race voting took place, the parliament will be the best battlefield in either turning the state into homogeneous race country or as a race devided country. This is unpredictable since Malaysian parliament is a market of hates trading , sarcasm and dissatisfaction that based on party. It is worse even more when major politic parties are ethcocentric organization.

"And if all of the people that hates of being secluded in the name of bumiputra keep in a form of unity, it was a new hazard to the continuity of the joy and gay for our next generation that obviously embracing lifestyle and technology. It was the matter of the alarming majority voice and act. The disturbance might also paralysing the whole business affair." - shukor ismail, taman meru 2c, ipoh.

" This land aint no for aborigines. Aborigines eliminated earlier in namely China, India or Thailand. It was the matter of survival. Malay settled Straits of Malacca since 2000 years ago. They preserve Orang Asli and for trading affair, no land had to be cleared. Now, Orang Asli enjoys the privilage in laws on few clause." - saleh hitam, merdeka garden, ipoh.

Street protest is the uttermost hazard for this country that binding diversities in a coalition as the neo-Rahman form of state. The only way to maintain the present climates of business is to keep the hate off the air.

The best action is to ensure such issue to be kept on a lame lane. And that is Malaysia.

"Why bother on Malay bashing in Malaysia because Malay is dominant? Hello. Did you have to be malaynized to live in Tanah Melayu? I think that is the big big mistake of the past that now are the topmost potential of security breaching!" - zanariah , simpang pulai, ipoh.

"How should we ratify the mistakes of not being resistant towards immigration ethic in the early Brits years. Actually, we feel that joining Indonesia is better. We rule them. Doesnt it worth it?" - khaidir ahmed, chemor, ipoh.

In plural ethnocentric party coalition kind of governing and opposing party, by anytime forwarding the calendar, disturbance will always have the chance to happen and acting as a silencer of the vibrating prosperity. This, welcoming the mass into a bleak future.

Is that what are we going to inherit to our generation? It was us they demand the answer. If they was breeded among hate, should we expect the Middle East kids in this country?