Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Ahli Parlimen Singapura 'hina' Malaysia dikritik hebat warga Singapura

​Ekoran kenyataan Ahli Parlimen Singapura Lim Swee Say bahawa dirinya beruntung kerana tidak menjadi rakyat Malaysia, kemarahan warga Singapura ke atasnya menebar di media sosial.

Lim yang berkempen untuk partinya PAP, menyebut bahawa dia cukup beruntung kerana jika bapanya tidak meninggalkan China dengan menaiki bot dahulu, dia pastinya sekarang berwarganegara China dan jika Singapura tidak keluar dari Malaysia dahulu dia pastinya sekarang berwarganegara Malaysia." Berikut kenyataanya :

"So this year we celebrate SG50, (Singapore's 50th anniversary) and I am thinking, if my father didn't get on the boat to Singapore, I might be a China citizen,Then in 1965, Singapore and Malaysia separated, because Mr Lee Kuan Yew wanted a nation regardless of language, regardless of race – one that is equal. So we can't stay in Malaysia, as the tenet of Malaysia is: Malaysia belongs to the Malays. So we had no choice, we could only separate. So I am thinking, if we didn't separate in 1965, today you and I would be Malaysians, 'heng' (lucky) ah.
Kenyataan tersebut menimbulkan rasa tidak senang pemimpin di Malaysia dan China yang menyelar sikap memburukkan negara lain demi meraih undi. Akibatnya juga ramai rakyat Singapura bangkit menyelar tindakan Lim dan bangkit membela Malaysia.

Pada sudut lain, ini memberi gambaran jelas bahawa jika parti-parti politik di negara kita hendak berkempen, tidak usahlah memburuk-burukkan negara lain. Namun adakah kita tidak pernah berbuat demikian?

Warna-warni politik Singapura menjadi sorotan antarabangsa minggu ini menjelang Pilihanraya Umum Singapura pada 11 September ini yang menyaksikan PAP buat kali pertama menerima tentangan sengit dari parti pembangkang.

i am ashamedof Zorro:
September 8, 2015 at 3:01 pm  (Quote)
Lim SS and his antics draws jeers again
I am really ashamed of this person not because he stole tooth picks. just because he is not ministerial material. How he got to that position reflects badly on the cabinet and the people who voted him. (did he get in by backdoor too?)
If this is the standard that Shanmugam, Eng Ken talks about, I think PAP better do another round of renewals and take this guy out
Seriously what professionalism is there in the PAP team. All they do is tearing opposition down with unsubstantiated accusation, while they hide all their cobwebs and even remove library books so as opposition cannot see their dirt.
They use all sorts or terms and jargon to fool the public such as a population parameter. Just say it in plain English

September 8, 2015 at 3:02 pm  (Quote)
Is this minister and PAP being xenophobic ?
New citizens did he insult your parents and forefathers ?
Now if you can beaten up in Malaysia or china or his xenophobic remarks , you want to still vote PAP ?
Seems like the PAP will support their own kaki even if wrong
Imagine CPF and reserves bankrupt and all keep quiet ?
Vote any opposition and sack PAP !
LSS is the inner circle of PAP:
September 8, 2015 at 3:08 pm  (Quote)
LSS has been working closely with LH* in the Prime Minister's Office for the last ten over years as the "Minister without Portfolio" meaning that he is the right hand man of LH*.
Because of that his views are likely reflective of PAP's leaders views, thus his 'Heng ah' comments at Malaysia and China is representative of the views and biases of PAP.

September 8, 2015 at 3:08 pm  (Quote)
Perhaps LSS is thinking those who reacted negatively belongs to the xenophobic, KPKB and mollycoddled group.
Right, LSS of PAP ?

liability to Singapore:
September 8, 2015 at 3:09 pm  (Quote)
Lim Swee Say, we are clearing account. You are a liability to Singapore and we have to get you out on Friday.
Sr Citizen:
September 8, 2015 at 3:12 pm  (Quote)
Seriously we have citizens working in China & Malaysia and He is a Minister. What dangers are he inviting ? He thinks that he can dance away and Others like our many drugged mules will accept in substance "no apology'. Still want him to be around and celebrate disgrace ?
Speak for Yr self LSS:
September 8, 2015 at 3:13 pm  (Quote)
Apologies to all our Malaysian and Chinese brothers and sisters
Lim Swee Say speaks for himself. We the majority of common Singaporeans do not associate ourselves with Lim Swee Say. It is unfortunate but true. We also strongly believe that he was picked up by PAP from Lorong Halus

September 8, 2015 at 3:16 pm  (Quote)
On one hand LH* said that PAP has built good relationship with their neighboours… Is this the way to build good relationship? PAP is simply too arrogant and untactful. Time to vacate their MP seats.
September 8, 2015 at 3:19 pm  (Quote)
I am a Singaporean male who served 2 and a half full time NS and completed reservist duties. But i wish i were a Malaysian. Reasons – the same reasons my Malaysians cousins are laughing at Singaporeans:
1. Serve NS and reservists for male citizens
2. Homes are yours for 99 years only. In Malaysia homes are freehold and yours forever and your family to inherit.
3. Homes here so expensive and at the same price you can get two or more landed properties with garden n porch.
4. Cars here can be used for only 10 years after paying for over $70000 COE bill. In Malaysia no COE and can use cars as long as you like.
5. CPF money cannot take out at 55 or 65 dont know when can take out all CPF money. In Malaysia EPF money can take out at 55 years old as promised by their government.
6. Super expensive health care, education, transport, petrol, food etc too many to mention hère compared to Malaysia.
7. Here still depend on other countries for food and water – newater and lim chu kang farms not enough for the citizens. Malaysia has more than enough food and water for her people and can export food n water to Singapore.
Malaysians are really luckier than Singapore people in so many ways.
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