Friday, September 07, 2018

Prostitution in Pakatan Harapan

Prior to General Election, this guy, a workers' union leader call for 14 million workforce in Malaysia to vote Pakatan Harapan.

It end up, he come out with this statement yesterday.

This guy is the one that call for workers to vote HARAPAN? To switch a government with solid economic plan to barehanded outdated opposition that sell only disputed stories of their own version. You are not leader. You are prostitute.

But at least he is an independent soul. He knew that slaves will never willing to criticize their masters. He knew that he better join us that already merdeka and enjoying the kemerdekaan.

Give him some zakat money. A renounce prostitutes are entitled.

Thursday, August 02, 2018

Ipoh Malay reject Bahasa, turn to English from now on.

It was the 10th year of this blog existence. From the day everyone blame Khairy and Pak Lah, until he become the most liked carachter in the opposition side of Pakatan led both federal and state government.

The blog genuinely me without team that nagging for 'kepala agong' post 2008 which the age of blogging.

Fighting for the Dacing, it once ranked among top 20 most read local politic blog. But blogging is now left deserted with the reason of, people are not reading anymore. They wish to cut short in making decision, and what stop them doing the same in finding out reasons.

Today, I will revamp the whole blog into a conceptual room of idea. I'm not going to force any idea radically as in the end you wouldn't gain anything having space shuttle while the rakyat have no idea how it work as they preoccupied with plenty episodes Malay drama.

I can hang a RM25 banner wrote " Melayu Bukan Pendatang. Jangan Main Api " in his Ipoh Barat constituency that I was working at on weekday basis. But what was the reason to get ignited in the first place. It was an academic argument though, you can't set knowledge ablaze just justifying your state of denial.

And what an idea worth stupid tag when you force flies to bunch of smelling good potpourri instead of foul smelling carcass. What was the essence of purity is there for a truth that we try to inject into the brain of people that hunting for lies.

It is not because I was supporting UMNO before and facing a once slurred political side ruling. The winning of Pakatan Harapan, after this blog posting to UMNO giving decent advise, telling the people that there is attempt to manipulate their shallow knowledge with lies, has made more doors open which pleasantly accepted and the euphoria of new adaptation in fragmenting a new path of future.

Based on my experience in advising my own people through UMNO, and findings that lead to my final summary, no matter how severe the degree of despair of the people on the end term outcome for PH government, they never wanted UMNO again. When they can validate their resentment without experiencing the implausible ignorance in within, just imagine on how does those who loyal to the party, not the leader, when they need to face war of ideology from both.

And for that, I reject both the UMNO and it allies and the PPBM and it convenience marriage wives. It is the turning point in favoring my own people and seeing them became gradually incapable in making a decision in broad vision by analysis and risk assessments.

My people does not honor knowledge more than Malay soap operas and TV comedy contests. When I said GST is vital to the economy of the people that craving for a better Malaysia, I was teased with repulsive classification of "dedak" or livestock pallets that literally means, I was paid to show a strong disagreement, but in Malay sense of dignity, is far worse as dedak is usually spread to chickens and consume is greed way.

I will restart blogging on the second decade in English. I will stand on making English as official language of Malaysia, like the day when Malaya gain it independence. I will endorse abolishment of Bumiputra status along with abolishment of vernacular education that bond to each other vis-a-vis. I will try my best to be on the right spectrum in reflecting the cause I now championed for, creating equality in dreaming of solid and unite Bangsa Malaysia.

But be wary, I will offer any available assistance to those whom very much on having their state to withdraw Malaysia with honest words, facts and all the vulgar slur to ensure the idea is demanded with basis.

Because beside Malaysia ,  I have nothing to protect if my lovely Perak ruled out. Not my own people, a party that i was in. But as long as blasphemous pest is around, you will find out that my words towards my opponent is worse than Taliban.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The uniformity of dumb degree among Malaysian is covering the general supporters of both

For once and all, I write down this confession for my former party that I fight for, free of charge, not based on it upbringing today but based on it way of existence that lead to give citizenship to almost 2 million foreign migrants that stranded stateless in Malaya when their due date for departure i.e. The Independence of Malaya is getting closer and closer.

This is what you request for. It serves you right. Right on your forehead.

What have you people gotten from the party post brawl right before the election. A post in a defeated party that yelling as opposition for the first time?

And corrupted grassroot leaders that oportunistcly jump boat and secure their continuity in coalition that acknowledge you as a clean decent comrade?

So the bullshit is stirring in a pail that waiting to be thrown to the people.

The non Malay owed a grandest gratitude to their savior, UMNO and yet, they demean, foulmouthing and curse with standing ovation by few months old ex UMNO turned PPBM that wasting more than half of their lifetime chanting repulsive word of 'Hidup Melayu' with UMNO, as UMNO is the key player in assuring their citizenship as Malayan and eradicate their hesitation by the highest degree of courtesy of it leaders.

This, for God forsaken reason, saves them as if unification with Indonesia again attempted by Soekarno that distant itself from Malaya to avoid blame on the Bintang Tiga armed siege, with their Indonesian Chinese already becoming the citizen far early during the Dutch age, will surely put stateless migrant of Malaya to mass deportation or worse, brutal discrimination.

As migrants in British colonies namely Penang, Malacca and Singapore is far more advantaged and well documented, the migrants in British protectorates namely the Malay states are left in limbo but saved by UMNO without general consent by the Malay.

It is far from doubt that Malay can't be classified as migrant too as you can see, orang Asli could understand and verse in Malay but none are able to liase with the language of another two until today. Was that clear enough?

By provoking , an opposition can be seen brave and reliable but not for a government. Adding the nature of denial with zillionth buried questions, a provoking goverment is potraying nothing but kiasu regime that too scared to face critics that once becoming skills they mastered in.

To escape this whirlpool of blames, denial, wrong statements, disputed measures that will further weakened the economy which might be a payback in respective to baseless false allegation on it's  previous healthy development, every Malaysian need to put their election fever off, setting all their rascal words muted and allow each of our assistence in making Malaysia great again, from the ailment it get by the short minded citizen.

Nobody cares the drop of Ringgit recently as long as Najib overthrown said the same cai that addicted to condemn Najib on daily basis, triple fold with the previous fall of ringgit.

But at least stop spending your money in other currency. Will anyone heed my same old advice now and then?

If they don't care about what did PH promised for the winning, I don't care on Dr. Mahathir statement before again made Prime Minister that if he was the PM, the ringgit will get it value again on the next day.

Enough with past PM whom never care. It is now the matter of, do you actually care? If you're actually fake a hardship grouse, for all right serving, you might now being led by a person that faking up a whole newly worn leadership.

But he, as me too, might in thorough research, that if yes my fellow citizen are mostly uneducated in specific degree of knowledge affecting the way they weigh an important decision to consider, how worse they possibly be.

Terbukti 'uneducated', mendidik rakyat Malaysia adalah penggemblengan tenaga bersama, bukan kerajaan semata-mata

Salam Semuslim, Senegara dan Sebangsa.

Tidak ada kekecewaan yang lebih berat melihat gagalnya penyingkiran Najib melalui pemilihan UMNO yang lawannya menubuhkan cucu Pekembar, parti pertama orang Melayu yang dihambat berjuang bersama PKM oleh pemimpin mereka, Soekarno, lalu wujudlah Parti Pribumi Malaysia Bersatu yang membolehkan DAP dan PKR mengisi kabinet pemerintah dan mencampak BN ke medan pembangkang patah riuk.

Penyingkiran pemimpin parti radikal pro Melayu dituntas melalui jalan pilihanraya. Peralihan kuasa yang membawa impak sosial, ekonomi, unjuran-unjuran pertumbuhan, yang mempengaruhi daya beli dan corak pendapatan masyarakat keseluruhannya yang belum dapat ditaksir, sedang berlaku.

Dalam satu post teman, kira-kira 9 bulan sebelum PRU14, teman ingatkan bahawa UMNO dalam bahaya. Di peringkat bahagian, sedang berperang di media sosial secara terbuka, merebut jawatan yang pemilihannya hanya akan berlaku selepas pilihanraya umum.

Suka teman ingatkan bahawa, adalah menjadi kutub negatif bagi diri teman untuk menyantuni kebodohan dan ketidaktahuan akibat malas berfikir. Sebab itulah teman suka berkongsi cerita yang membuka minda.

Tapi sayang, PRU14 adalah peperiksaannya. Keputusan? TOO MANY MALAYSIAN ARE DUMB.

Ini bermakna, YA, jika dilihat dari keluh emosi kesusahan merintih baih, mengharap penyelamat yang menarik mereka keluar dari sudut kehidupan yang dipilih oleh mereka sendiri.

Akhirnya terperanjatlah Dr. Mahathir apabila mereka menang.

Dan tugas teman, setelah ini adalah mendidik rakyat kepada sedikit educated. WALAUPUN TEMAN PANGKAH DACING dalam PRU14, teman yakin sesangat bahawa semakan fakta, bukan sebab Najib, yang buatkan teman nafikan undi teman pada demer. Dan tindakan ini mungkin sahaja adalah educated dan dihormati beliau. Beliau seterusnya tak mengumpat ahli UMNO sedengus pun selepas menang berbanding ketika kempen.

Dr. Mahathir dilihat sengaja kencing masyarakat dan mencipta perlakuan pusingan dasar yang dilihat oleh sesetengah Melayu sebagai memalukan sebagai kayu ukur. Apakah ini tujuannya menyuruh UMNO menang besar?

JIKA DEMIKIAN, malang sekali, percaturan salah. MEREKA YANG MENANG.

Disuguhi dengan filem pendek yang mengundang esak khalayak beberapa hari sebelum pilihanraya yang tersebar di media sosial, beliau menang. Kemenangan tersebut melopongkan puak rebut jawatan tak peduli PRU itu. Kerana DAP yang boleh mengakibatkan sawan itu sudah melangkah ke Putrajaya bersama komponen-komponen Pakatan Harapan, mengalahkan rejim yang memperjuangkan kemerdekaan mengikut acuan British dan memberi kerakyatan kepada migran bergenerasi yang tidak dapat dihantar pulang oleh penjajah.

Jika UMNO hendak ditikam mati, tentulah dasar-dasar yang diperkenalkannya tidak boleh langsung dianut sebagai bawaan. Adakah PKR, DAP, Amanah dan Bersatu yang memperkenalkan pemberian kewarganegaraan. Tentu sekali tidak?

Bagaimanakah jika ahli UMNO sepakat menutup UMNO dan menuntut dasar rundingan kemerdekaan 61 tahun lalu dikaji semula. Ha. Bagaimana?

Bukan Melayu mencerca UMNO bagai penghapusannya semudah kata-kata. Tetapi liatnya UMNO itu terbukti.

Pemimpin mereka ini perlu educate follower mereka. Supaya sahut sahutan provokasi manja tidak membawa ke anjang huru hara.

Tapi harini UMNO ditolak kerana terlalu liat. Mungkin ia empuk semula setelah menjadi United Malaysian National Organization yang mengisi berbagai kaum yang terdiri dari kalangan muda. Sayangnya, Zahid jua yang dipuja.

Akhirnya, negarawan yang disimpan penghormatan di blog ini setelah bertahun di puncak sanjungan, bagi dijamu cerca di ambang PRU, telah kembali penghormatannya ke persada asalnya. Natijah pengamatan isi otak rakyat telah tertunjuk. Mahu ketawa, kasihan pula.

Oleh kerana teman isytihar di meja-meja sidang kampung dan semua media sosial peribadi teman pada 8 Mei, sehari sebelum PRU14, bahawa teman keluar UMNO, maka teman telah memilih untuk menjadi pembangkang aliran ketiga di negara ini.


ALIRAN INI YANG JELAS TIDAK MENYEBELAHI ORANG MELAYU LAGI. INI KERANA ORANG MELAYU ilmunya sangat daif tentang berdirinya negara ini sehingga mendesak campurtangan Agong sewenang-wenang dalam seremeh-remeh perkara tanpa tahu batas kuasa yang ada dan turut mencampuri urusan Agong khasnya semasa pertukaran kerajaan kali pertama yang lalu.

Blog ini akan membawa angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa bagi permulaan ribut revolusi mentaliti yang diharapkan berlaku setelah angkatan pertama dunia politik negara bersara selamanya.

Adalah tidak disangkakan, sebuah perjuangan murni untuk parti, rupanya tidak penting dek para kulop yang memimpin dikemudi kesombongan berakar umbi.

BLOG INI JUGA TIDAK AKAN MEMADAMKAN POS POS TERDAHULU YANG KERAS MENENTANG PENIPUAN KHUSUSNYA TENTANG EKONOMI SEBAGAI BUKTI BAHAWA apa yang sedang di alami dan ditangani hari ini adalah hasil buah pemikiran yang dangkal dan mentah.

Dibela oleh pemanjang kenyataan orang lain tanpa memanggil selera untuk berfikir sehinggakan penyokong kedua dua pihak dilihat bergelumang bertumbuk taji dalam kumbahan kebodohan.

HANYA DENGAN membantu tangan dan kaki pemerintah dapat menyegerakan kegemilangan negara yang mungkin terencat disabotaj pemain ekonomi yang tidak sefahaman dengan dogma Pakatan Harapan. 

Juga hanya dengan mengkritik UMNO sebagai pembangkang paling utama, pembawaannya akan beralih ke sebuah evolusi yang menyenangkan semua.

Kerana pada hari ini, terbukti, mereka yang mampu berfikir tidak mungkin lagi akan bersama-sama kedua belah pihak.

Teman takkan join PAS kerana hudud tidak boleh mendahului dakwah yang meyakinkan sehingga penerimaan berlaku tanpa paksaan.

Kehendak teman telah menyamai kehendak DAP pada prinsipnya. Bukan pada pemikiran pemimpin-pemimpinnya.

Apakah demi mendidik secara radikal, seseorang itu terpaksa menyertai parti yang dihentamnya sepanjang zaman kewujudan blog ini.

Jika itu membawa pembaharuan yang lebih teranjak minda dari Pakatan Sarapan ini, mengapa tidak.

Apapun Sarapannya, biarlah makan tengaharinya kelak lambang kemakmuran.

Apa yang telah didasarkan hendaklah kita membantu menambah baikkan jika sudi. Ini kerana kekayaan negara tidak boleh dibawa lari. Jika hendak diganti Pakatan Harapan dengan Pakatan Sarapan sekalipun, kantong negara biarlah berisi berlebih lagi sebagai bekalan generasi depan yang dijadikan andalan dalam kempen mencari kemenangan.

 Adakah anda fikir Dr. Mahathir bersiap menghadapi situasi ini?  Meme adalah lumrah tetapi yang penting sikap rakyat yang mengambil tanggungjawab tidak mengganggu malah membantu memberi input membina bagi membolehkan kerajaan baharu yang sedang bertatih ini bernafas lega kerana seumur hidupnya dihabiskan dengan memekak dan melaung membangkang di parlimen.