Friday, October 17, 2008

تولرنسي ماكن ديري؟

أورع حيندو دمليسيا تلح ممبينا 1 كويل أونتوق ستياف 149 فعانوت حيندو

أورع إسلام دمليسيا جوما ادا 1 مسحيد أونتوق ستياف 2300 اورع فعانوتث

إينيكه فقتا يع مريكا تيدق ماحو امبيل كيرا افابيلا معاتاكن كراجأن ممبطسكن فمبينأن كويل حيندو دنكارا ايني؟

جيكا أورع إسلام ماحو، فستي مريكا ماحوكن لبيه بثف لاكي كويل درونتوحكن

سيكف تولرنسي أورع إسلام دنكارا إيني سدع ماكن ديري

بريكوت كومين سأورع يع تيدق برنام

" extinction will never come to racist people... extinction only will goes to bloody tolerance people.. "

إيا مباوا مقصود، كاوم يع ممفوثأي صفت فركاومن يع تبل تيدق اكن فوفوس ، تيدق سفرتي كاوم يع معاملكن تولرنسي ممبابي بوتا سفرتي افا يع دأجر كفد أورع إسلام دمليسيا حاري ايني

أورع حيندو دمليسيا سسوعكوهث فرلو دأجر أونتوق ديام


Anonymous said...

First time tulisan jawi dalam blog (setahu saya ler). Tahniah...

Ronn said...


IPOH MALAY said...

berbanggalah kerana kita memiliki medium penulisan sendiri... tetapi kita pinggirkan... martabatkannya semula.. alif ba ta.. itulah pedang itulah pena..

tu dia.. dah melalut..

Anonymous said...


PERAKEAN said...

Ipohmalay...the Chinese must have done something very bad to you or your family.

I can sense that you are not just racist. You are bitter as though the Chinese has taken something from you during your childhood.


I think extinction happen because the race has lost its direction, drive, identity and staying power. Just study all the ancient races. How many ancient races still survive till today or they have evolved.

PERAKEAN said... for the Presidency of UMNO.

Once you win the presidency, just issue 1-year notice to all the 'kaum pendatang'to GET OUT from Malaysia.

Then, rename this land of yours to Tanah Melayu.


IPOH MALAY said...

it is lame when comments are made by a view that pondering on few points that doesn't reflect the overall purpose of the blog.

but it is 'stupid' to comment on something that we dont even understand what it was all about.

at the other side of the coin, malai-kai, malai-can, malai-whatever couldnt be eliminated from the mind of 'dilligent-people'

why beg to differ?

IPOH MALAY said...

if i'm a power thirst people, i was someone in that bogey-party so called UMNO.

as the time given for a payback of a big sacrification by the 'lazy-people' i.e. read as the people, not the leader, is it hard to give a courteous 'payback'?

none of their business right? so lets turn back the time.

i'm not a KKK or nazi or whatever. i'm a sarcasist.

read things between the lines and you may ease your doubt.

btw.. i'm a michaelian.. not STAR student..

IPOH MALAY said...

if you have the bad dream of a born of a leader that 'rebranding' this land into tanah Melayu.. you may get it from someone with songkok in monochrome pic that change it not as politician... but as international anthropologist... but does that really a neccessity for a 'sedar-diri' society?

PERAKEAN said...

Ermmm, I am surprised that you are articulated in your thoughts.

We have different wavelengths. But we have noble intentions for our own cause.

My aim is to provoke you to express yourself.

Anonymous said...

aku x reti baca akhbar Cina, then aku tk tahu apa dakyah dalam akhbar itu, ttp aku difahamkan, byk benda tk elok pasal Melayu. sbg contoh, tiada akhbar yg sebutkan bangsa penjenayah melainkan akhbar Cina, kalo penjenayah tu cina, tk sebut, tp kalo melayu akan sebut... so fikir-fikirkan sendiri.. aku tk racist tp org racist dgn bangsa n agama aku. so wat?