Isnin, Oktober 27, 2008

A Not Very Happy Deepavali

It is Deepavali.. a day celebrated by Hindus for the Krishna that won a big fight between him and whatever... which typically something like.... the right overcome the wrong... the good defeating the bad... ya.. sort of typical Tamil or Hindi movie... No wonder, once I've been told that in in Indian homeland, defeat for the hero is a big NO NO or the cinema will be set ablazed... Maybe because it is unreligious if the bad won over the good... LOL.

While most achi, ayya, tamby, meenachy, having their oil bathing and rituals for the big day.. I'm wasting my time playing with my imagination on HOW IT GONNA BE if there is few ulta-chauvinist Malay ..... rushing to Samy Vellu open house and send a petition or whatever the Hindraf thingy alike... chanting their insensitive words ... urging the Hindu component of the ruling party... to condemn Hindraf and acknowledge the detention of the Hindraf 5 under the ISA..

Should they really do it, will they put the manners away.. and did it in rude way and outcasting the Malay politeness? Will they 'break-in' with oil lamps and whatsoever things imitating the act of the 'HINDRAVES' that fussing the Raya Open House at PWTC 26 days ago.

Whatever it is... I knew my race well... as long as nothing to be described as an assault.. they dont react back like a drunk people. That is why.. the situation now is deteriorating if we look at how the ruling power is pro-rated with unassimilated members of the East Hindies.. i.e... the 'less than 150 years immigrants'.

My people are liberating everything everything now.. and being laughed in Chinese and Tamil dailies.. and even at samsu huts.. Some are saying " Malay are giving everything to us now.. even.. we Indians could get Malay pussy easily.."

I'm not mockering any party. I'm just telling the truth that can be found anywhere among the society. My people are loosing alot of things and u can name it, solidarity, rights on ruling power per capita, rights on pertaining the rights, rights on setting up financial resources, rights on empowering monetary management capability.... and soon if we still in brawl, we will crawl before we stall.

Dont let them make the 'light over the darkness' celebration.... as a symbol of the victory of easing down the power that we have all this while...

I'm neither a racist nor chauvinist... I'm just being a justifier of the unaligned slurs-trading in our political mainstream that really want to say to my people, wake up!