Rabu, November 05, 2008

"Morgan Freeman" in Oval Office

I would like to personally congratulate Mr. Barrack Hussein Obama for the handsome winning on the precidency election for the grand power of the world, United States of America. "Kamu bener-bener hebat deh!". Grandeur! He must be the only American president which having the ability to communicate in Malay of Indonesian version, although it is an arguable fact as he left Indonesia almost 40 years ago. Whoever occupying the Oval Office, nothing much to be predicted. The policies and the tendency of Mr. President is clearly reflecting an image of a puppet for the 'Tok Dalang' which everyone knew who. Being the first African American president, he now inspired the 'non-natives' in other countries to dream on leading the hosting nation. Surely I hope that there will be no catastrophic occurance regarding this since USA was filmed to be hit by asteroids while African American being the president such in Deep Impact movie. ( Gasp! gasp! gasp! ) Finally, I do feel awkward when the newly choosen President enjoyed the Muslim World favouritism even he clearly stated that he got nothing to do with Islam, he's a Christian, and he never wanted to be assosiated with Islam just because he got 'Hussein' in his name.