Ahad, September 26, 2010

Yes, You Are 'Penumpang'!

LKS over Muhyiddin regarding 'penumpang' slur by two teachers in Johor is something that showing us, the leader of leftist Chinese is promoting stupidity to their supporter on Malay literature.

This is a national threat seems there will be no other literature can be associated with Malaysia which on its name itself bear the word Malay. Therefore, the future of Malaysia itself is harmed by the deeds of these kapitans.

They might be wronged by their own assumption based on their lack mix-up among the Malay which is close to ignoring the world they get in to build a nation. 200 years ago, they are not here in this 2000 years inhabitant history.

In fact, Malay literature enriched with proverbs and words that actually a mere gross similarity to design a meaning of the seemingly accurate.

If the teachers giving a clue sounds like passengers, he did really want these Indian and Chinese to turn themselves quickly as a permanent settler of this nation. Showing a good respect and having a prefect nationalism in a right molding . They did nothing wrong with that!

They deserve the penumpang words as they are breed with a seed that promoting ignorance towards nationalism. Towards a good characteristic of a citizen. They are told to change now or their kids will face the same word!

Even without the 'society-of-the-region' character , the penumpangs are given special attention and freely showing an arrogant intention.

To be like permanent settlers, they should drop their vernacular system out of their of life or having 80:20 ratio of national language vs mother tongue importance. Chinese in Indonesia is facing dilemma with the pribumis but they are not labelled as penumpang because of total assimilation. Simple example is what they need but the dangerousness of their ignorance is somewhat unbearable.

Unfortunately, the Chinese leftist with lack of South East Asia centric feelings, is creating ruckus by self-induced intention to jeopardize an established literature of the region.

The severeness of this intention brings harm to the whole society.

In the matter of fact, Malaysia did not need this kind of racist leftist that will not improve anything but sowing damages. We must stop the baseless courtesy now or facing the bushfire that approaching our fertile farmland!