Ahad, Mei 09, 2010

Perak Full Of Unthankful Voters?

The ugly part of civilized society is to have morons being elected to represent the society. Few Malay, most Chinese and large number of Indian that tired living in a polite, humble and tranquil conditions is happy on supporting uncivilized, uncool and useless representatives.

They voted monkeys just to have these animals forming a group that jeering, boycotting and humiliating in the state assembly sitting for the agenda of their own. It looks like their voters is just heads provided for them step on to ensure they could stand higher.

Is it worth it to vote for a person that fixed with such thought? If they aren't such, why they are wasting the precious time to represent the voice of their constituency? They are deliberately put the people in negligence.

What kind of accomodation that these monkeys ever provided for Perakians during their 11 month old reign beside a state treasury ransacking activities?

These unwelcomed tribes are now dealing with the fact that BN is working hard to cure the state enonomic illness which was an unforgiven negligence of the previous regime.

For 11 month awarding contracts for kin and clan, none had benefited anyone that vote them up.

The truth is, these idiots is having a primate like attitude that caused by their own greediness when their plunder on state treasury was put to sleep by the justice.

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Tanpa Nama berkata...

Yes, that was PRU12 where the idiots of the later-united-parties of Pakatan Rakyat formed the Government of Perak. In just a short spno te,these idiots caed YBs had plunderred almost everything, making the ekonomi of Perak the worst ever. They are all actually UNQUALIFIED to even rule Perak in the first place. They even go against the Sultan of Perak. Such rudeness should be a lesson to the peace loving Perakians not to vote these idiots ever again. Allah is Great. Hence, these idiots are now just useless YBs that will remain there until the next GE. We Perakians will NOT make the same mistake ever again. We will vote for BN which had over the past 4 decades given all Malaysians peace and prosperity. To the Pakatan Haram gang, bye bye as we look at you fellas just like garfield and donald duck. How can cartoons like you all even have the idea to rule Perak, let alone bring benefits to the people except for the communist community that you had clearly shown support of.

ipohmalay berkata...

kudos to u mr anon and those who are blessed .....

we should learn the way of our own, by imposing a correctional measure in the most best coalition ever exist in the world