Isnin, April 01, 2013

66% Penduduk Selatan Thai Sokong Rundingan Thailand-Patani

Majoriti penduduk Selatan Thai bersetuju dan menyokong rundingan damai antara kerajaan Thailand dan puak pemisah yang dibuat di Malaysia mengikut kajian Deep South Watch yang memantau keganasan di selatan Thai.

66% bersetuju dengan rundingan damai tersebut manakala 33% tidak bersetuju dengan alasan bahawa pihak berkuasa keselamatan Thailand tidak seharusnya berunding dengan kumpulan pemisah.

Southerners hail peace talks

The majority of people in the far South agree with the ongoing peace dialogue between Thai authorities and separatists, according to a survey conducted by Deep South Watch, which monitors the southern violence.
A survey of 1,800 people was conducted in the three southern border provinces and four districts of Songkhla a week before the Thai government delegation and the separatists held their first round of formal peace talks on March 28 in Malaysia, asking them if they agreed and had confidence in the peace process.
Sixty-seven per cent of the respondents said they wanted and accepted the peace talks, DSW director Srisompob Jitpiromsri revealed on Sunday. The remaining 33 per cent did not agreed with it and thought security authorities should not have negotiated with the southern rebels.  
The issues that southerners wanted both sides to bring up for discussion first were how to achieve a bilateral ceasefire or stop the violence, followed by the withdrawal of troops, speed up development in the southern region and amend the emergency decree imposed in the lower South or lift it, Mr Srisompob, also a political science professor at Prince of Songkla University, said.  
"Although the peace process received almost 70 percent confidence from the people in the deep South, uncertain feelings remain in the region.”
"The government and the Southern Border Provinces Administration Centre will need to create understanding and reveal information relating to the peace dialogue more so that people can understand this process,” Mr Srisompob added.

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