Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Kolumnis TMI, Victor Tan, Bela Idris Jusoh

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I would like to point out that this is a fantastic example of media bias, and a terrible piece of journalism, a completely valid reason for BN politicians to dislike alternative media. SAYA INGIN MENGUTARAKAN INILAH CONTOH MENARIK MEDIA BERAT SEBELAH, CONTOH HODOH KEWARTAWANAN DAN MENJADI SEBAB AHLI POLITIK B.N. MENJAUHI MEDIA ALTERNATIF.

The headline reads "Not happy with the country's education system? Send your kids overseas, says minister" - TAJUK BERITA TERTULIS "TAK SETUJU DENGAN SISTEM PENDIDIKAN NEGARA? HANTAR ANAK KE LUAR NEGARA KATA MENTERI "

You may feel anger and you may be inclined to believe that Datuk Seri Idris pulled a Zahidi. To be fair, he didn't, and I do think it's a bit unfair to characterize his words as such.  RAMAI BERPENDAPAT IDRIS JUSOH JUGA KINI BERCAKAP SEPERTI ZAHID HAMIDI.  ADALAH TIDAK ADIL UNTUK MENTERJEMAHKAN KATA-KATANYA SEPERTI ITU. 

Datuk Seri Idris was quoted as: “If some people feel the system is not good and want to send their children overseas to study, the government cannot stop them. But the Ministry will work towards improving the country’s education system". APA YANG DIKATAKAN OLEH IDRIS JUSOH IALAH "JIKA SESETENGAH ORANG MERASAKAN SISTEM INI TIDAK BAIK DAN MAHU MENGHANTAR ANAK MEREKA KE LUAR NEGARA, KERAJAAN TIDAK BOLEH MENGHALANG. TETAPI KEMENTERIAN AKAN BERUSAHA MEMPERBAIKI SISTEM PENDIDIKAN NEGARA."

He was not telling people to send their kids overseas if they're not happy, that's just the headline that TMI saw fit to use. He was saying that people have the CHOICE of not following Malaysia's plans for education reform if they so desire, he was not telling people to leave the country - Yet it seems like at least 965 people have shared this article in wanton fury, influenced by the headline to become keyboard warriors fighting for justice. DIA LANGSUNG TIDAK MENYURUH HANTAR ANAK KE LUAR NEGARA KALAU TAK SETUJU. ITU HANYA TAJUK BERITA YANG T.M.I. GUNAKAN. DIA HANYA MENYATAKAN ORANG RAMAI BOLEH MEMILIH UNTUK TIDAK MENGIKUTI SISTEM PENDIDIKAN NEGARA DAN BUKANNYA DISURUH MENINGGALKAN NEGARA INI. NAMUN NAMPAKNYA TELAH 965 ORANG BERKONGSI ARTIKEL INI DENGAN BERPANDUKAN TAJUK BERITA DAN MENGHEBOHKAN DUNIA INTERNET DENGAN LAGAK TUNJUK PANDAI.


I realize that there is disillusionment in the populace concerning the government's historical approach towards education, and that it is considerably easy to dismiss genuine effort in light of the nonsense that happens in the course of our national conversation. Guess what? You're not wrong for being jaded or disillusioned, but kindly recognize that the question of what the government is doing and the question of whether you ultimately should choose to follow, are entirely separate issues - I personally believe that the MEB is well thought out, and albeit I doubt on some level the capacity for the government to implement it all fully, I do not think that being placed within our national education system, reformed or unreformed, is a death sentence to anyone's future. 

If you are one of these keyboard warriors, acting on emotional impulse, I encourage you to read the entire article again before you levy any more accusations. If your reason dictates to you that what TheMalaysianInsider said is reflective of what Idris said, if you can say in all honesty that he is telling people to get out of the country, then have it your way. You can choose to believe yourself, submit to your emotional impulse. Believe everything Malaysiakini and TMI gives you without question or doubt, forethought or evaluation - But know that if you do so, you risk becoming the very sheep that you so furiously criticize.

He then goes on to say in response to one of the posters who say the same thing as 90% of the people on this post:

With all due respect, I think Datuk Seri Idris was very clear. You don't represent the public, and you are probably wrong when you say that everyone would interpret his statement wrongly - That's probably your mistake, not everyone else's, so please do not try to absolve personal responsibility and try to defer to the collective, because you did not understand what he said. 

Yes, 51% of the population voted for Pakatan, but do not be so arrogant as to say you understand what every single one of these voters wants for the country. Government is a complex series of moving parts, education is simply one component, and leaders disagree about the means and mechanisms of public policy even within the Pakatan(And BN!) - If you believe that your OPINION is representative of Malaysia's, then you are sorely mistaken.

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