Jumaat, Disember 12, 2008

Sabah Once Stricken By 6.2 Richter Earthquake

This evening I was trembled by the fact that I found while aviating on the Sabah skyline through Google Earth. A 6.2 in Richter Scale earthquake with 33 km depth had once shook somewhere near Lahad Datu in July 26, 1976, a day before the deadly Tangshan earthquake that resulted in the loss of life of over 650,000 persons in northeast China.

The 6.2 earthquake with such depth should cause mass destruction as similar as the Yogjakarta 2005. But the main reason of this event had not taken into our geographic history is, there is no casualty reported and maybe the tremor hits an uninhabitant region or the destruction is minor due to the rural and underdeveloped environs.

The bothersome fact is that Sabah, is counting days on the next earthquake and the impact on the occurrence then shall be difference with the 1976 earthquake due to the recent development of new structures and facilities. By now, the Ministry of Education should stop shoving down the pupil’s throat with the deceiving fact of “Malaysia is not exposed to the tectonic activities”.

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