Sunday, February 08, 2009

Perak : Mufti & Sultan DiKetepikan Demi Politik

Tahun 2006, Mufti Harussani menggemparkan negara dengan menyuarakan kebimbangan terhadap agenda pluralisma yang menyama-ratakan semua agama dan menganggap semua agama sama. Mufti menyebut, pemantauan yang kurang oleh badan-badan kerajaan, menghangatkan lagi isu ini.

PAS pantas menyeret Mufti ke kancah politik. PAS mengatakan fenomena ini adalah hasil dari pemerintahan kerajaan Barisan Nasional. Mufti Perak dicop sebagai Mufti pro PAS.

Hakikatnya, Mufti Perak hanya menyampaikan sesuatu yang amat dibimbanginya. Pepecahan umat Islam.

Tahun 2008, Mufti Harussani menggemparkan negara dengan menyuarakan agar PAS dan UMNO sama-sama bersatu berganding bahu sebagai sebuat entiti berteraskan Islam bagi melaksanakan pemerintahan.

PAS sekali lagi menyeret mufti ke kancah politik. Kali ini bergandingan dengan DAP. PAS menuduh Mufti Perak 'dibeli' UMNO. DAP mahukan Mufti menutup mulut. Mufti dicop pro UMNO.

Hakikatnya, Mufti Perak menyampaikan sesuatu yang amat dibimbanginya. Pepecahan umat Islam.

Keadaan pada hari Jumaat 06.02.09 jam 3.30 petang di Kuala Kangsar

Keadaan pada hari Ahad 08.02.09 jam 6.30 petang di kediaman rasmi MB di Ipoh

Kedua-duanya dipenuhi Melayu yang terjebak dalam dogma 'people's power' ilham Yahudi.


Tai said...

Ha, itulah dia encik. Sekarang, apa dah jadi? Kapai pun dah mengaum.

Anonymous said...

Inilah yg terjadi apabila melayu islam ni tk berakal n tkde akidah. Mereka bkn berjuang utk Islam tp utk parti demi kuasa.

Sebab siapa saja yg menolak doktrin mereka akan dianggap musuh termasuklah kalau Nabi sendiri.

Tak percaya? anda boleh menilai mereka sendiri, yg baik adalah semuanya milik mereka dan yg salah semuanya milik orang.


video karpal maki nuar dengan penuh kata kesat. cepat tengok!!

Anonymous said...

Ahli Parlimen Bukit Gantang, Hj Roslan Shaharum meninggal dunia selepas jatuh, dipercayai akibat darah tinggi. Al-Fatihah. nampaknya akan ada pilihan raya kecil


masin ayor lior org perak nak sgt bebeno PRK. Nah ambik, MENANG BELUM TENTU, KALAH DALAM TANGAN.

Anonymous said...

This is just another example of how sick our present government under BN is.

It makes us all wonder how low can they go before the whole country collapses……….

Anonymous said...

The earlier we abolish race-based political parties and promotes multi-racial parties like Keadilan and DAP the better we'd live.

50 years is a very, very long time to be fooled.

It seems that racism in this country has now becomes a BN government sanctioned policy. It is no wonder that we saw the type of behaviour demonstrated in UPM.

As usual, we don't hear a squeak from the component parties in defense of our civil liberty.

I am all for the support of multi-racial parties which is not based on racism or ketuanan. In a globalize world, ketuanan could really just end up as Jaguh Kampung.

Other than garnering grassroots support, I don't see how else we can compete with the upcoming Vietnam, the rising India and the awakened dragon of China. Welcome to the globalize world where information is just at the click of the mouse!

Our universities are meant to promote academic excellence, to enhance independent thinking, to create new ideas and many others. To brainwash our freshmen with hatred and anti-Semitic talks are totally idiot measure and an unacceptable!

Fresh innocent souls are being misled and confused. Eventually those wiser youths will realise the whole sham and hypocrisy. They will emigrate leading to brain drain which the BN government is all out to promote relentlessly. Malaysia Boleh!

No wonder there are so much racism in the universities nowadays. Look who is playing religious and racial issues! Why hate Jews? They had so many towering personalities and are much smarter than those pro keris waving fanatics.

They even have globally ranked universities whereas ours are a shame. We should be emulating their success. I would have no more hope for Pak Lah and can only wish that he is a one-term prime minister.

This activity of university is highly racial and deplorable. Time and again, MIC and MCA have shown themselves to be political puppets and eunuchs of Umno.

A vote for MIC or MCA is a vote for the likes of Khairy, Hisham, and all those Umno malays who sideline and discriminate the non-malay communities whom have sacrificed so much for Malaysia. The racial politics of Umno has no place in Malaysia, or for that matter any country in the world.

Brainwashing is Malaysia government method of retaining the support. That is. Others may not be relevant.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, once again we should appreciate the stupidity of government officials. This is great opportunity to embarrass them more……..not that they have not embarrassed themselves bad enough.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I do not hate the MCA or Gerakan Chinese leaders and things like that, because I don't have faith on them and

since the beginning I don't think they really speak what is from their heart, they speak what is good for themselves.

Our country is just a country full of racist people everywhere, and we always think we are multi-cultured country and people live

happily ever after, but we forgot other country has more different races and cultures than us. But I think this is all about the

Malaysia Boleh disease, we thought we are too good compare to other country.

I wonder this government now is building a nation, or building a malay kampung. Honestly, the most important thing is about our

next generation, and so far all I see now, is the people biting each other just to get a piece of meat for themselves.

The biggest culprits for all these tension are the politicians, whether they are from Umno, MIC, MCA or others. Why should

ordinary people like us be burden with all these excesses, which could be used to give us free medical treatments, cheaper

petrol, electricity, better schools, etc.

Fighting among races will not enrich the poor, it is just create excuses for the "corrupted" politicians to "sodomise" and "rape" the

country even more.

Thailand berubah kerajaan macam menukar seluar dalam, tetapi mereka lebih baik daripada kita.

Taiwan, Korea, Jepun malah India, bertukar kerajaan dan hasilnya mereka lebih baik daripada kita.

Indonesia berubah kerajaan dan hasilnya mereka lebih baik daripada kita sekarang walaupun peringkat permulaan agak susah.

I will vote any opposition party hopefully to get some changes for worst or better. And I urge my fellow wise Malaysians to do

so. What some person said was right, we must change the government, then only there is hope.

Look at BN after 50 years, only the politicians and cronies benefited. So why are you afraid of changing the government, unless

of course you are also part of them.

It is the politicians who raped us - the citizens. I would like to see big changes in our government, at least the one that I always

dream of is a better education system. We are heading globalization already and I want my children to be well prepared for that


Anonymous said...

Those Umno pea-brained morons are products of Mahathir. Difference is that Mahathir did all the talking and walking and kept his morons in cages.

Now, Badawi is not the talker nor walker, if fact, he is the sleeper. So much that these pea-brained morons have been let loose to display their stupidity of the highest degree.

Malaysia is now famous internationally for having morons running the country, one such moronic act was being performed live on Al Jazeera. Please don't mention anymore name, we may have underage kids reading.

Anonymous said...

m'sian chinese who talk about thai indo n pinoy politic is the dumbest root of chinese clan.

they woulndt treated equally until they be like chinese in philipines, thailand n indo..

they forget that in china.. they were called malairen.... but their ignorance towards assimilation is a misfit for their cry on equality...

y beg to differ, bahlol.. :)

Anonymous said...

y thai chinese assimilate?

bcoz thai ppl r great...

y thai ppl r great.

coz they kill so many chinese in 1930 in force assimilation..

y malay r not greater than thai..

bcoz mly are good fler...

y they r good..

because they want us to pijak kepala them

dokpikiaq said...

dah nyata... tiada demokrasi dlm islam yg syumur..
kalau islam sekular,mcm² adaa...
angkat diri suroh dipangkah...
kan dh kena pangkah..
kwah kwah kwah..