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Antara komentar pembaca Filipina tentang krisis Sabah Timur

North Borneo (Sabah) has oil wells producing as many as 192,000 barrels a day. This is the equivalent of RM53 million (P696 million) a day or $17,000,000 (million) dollars every single day.
Our US would love to look over the Sultan of Sulu's proposal on how we can provide the Sultan of Sulu protection in exchange of sovereignty and rights over North Borneo (Sabah) so we can expand our US Territories and US Military Bases, and most importantly the acquisition of all the rich natural resources and OIL that peak our National Interests.
yes, while i am sad about it, many filipinos here do not even think about the possible ramification of kiram's action, there are many filipinos living in peace in sabah for many decades and the malaysian government just let them stay there, 
and because of these so called "sultan" and their idiot followers who wanted the land for themselves, innocent civilians who are living in sabah both filipinos and malaysian will now suffer.
What a selfish creature.
The Sultan's relatives and the Tausog (Orang Suluk) will be the first people to be affected. If you don't know, 300,000 Tausog alone live in Sabah. If the cause is right, there is no need to think of yourself alone living in a decent life while others fighting for their right.

Fernando Gutierrez
Indeed what a mess, and pity to ordinary Pilipinos who are in Malaysia just to earn a descent living. 
We can thanks the brain dead Tausug clan for it.
Sadly, the only thing that these bandits from Sulu are achieving is to make all Filipinos unwelcome in Sabah and Malaysia as a whole. How many Filipino livelihoods must be destroyed before these idiots and the unenlightened who have posted uneducated pathetic gung-ho comments recognise the reality that there is no legitimacy to what these bandits are doing? Sabah belongs to the indigenous peoples that called that place their home long before any foreigner invaded from Sulu.
Amazing , the Tausugs are taking the fight to the Malayos . They are hitting them in all places. Galing ng tactics nila. In fact, the AFP special units respect their fighting prowess.
 the tausog they havent start the lasts resort , the burning and bombing to create chaos ,the malaysian will retaliate they can use their napalm bomb up to kota kinabalu ,what a mess why not use dialog to avert bloodshed
- See more at: http://globalnation.inquirer.net/66447/5-malaysian-cops-2-sulu-gunmen-killed-in-fresh-clash-in-sabah#sthash.9qCal0XH.dpuf

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