Selasa, Mac 26, 2013

Arab Saudi Ugut Haramkan WhatsApp

Arab Saudi mengugut untuk mengharamkan WhatsApp , Viber dan Skype sekiranya penyedia perkhidmatan gagal memberi kebenaran pihak berkuasa melaksanakan beberapa sekatan ke atas aplikasi tersebut.

Saudi threatens to ban WhatsApp, Viber and Skype

RIYADH: Internet messenger applications such as Skype, Viber and WhatsApp face being banned in Saudi Arabia if operators fail to allow authorities in the kingdom to censor them, industry sources said on Monday.

Local telecommunication providers have been told to ask the operators of  the services to furnish means of control, an official at the kingdom's  Communications and Information Technology Commission said, requesting anonymity.

Another source at telecom operator Saudi Telecommunications Co. (STC) said  the commission gave service providers one week ending on Saturday to respond,  warning it would "take measures to ban them" if they failed to comply.

An industry source said telecom operators were behind the move, accusing  the STC, along with Mobily and Zain, of asking the commission to impose  censorship due to the "damage" caused by the free-of-charge applications.

In neighbouring UAE, most Skype applications and Viber are blocked but  WhatsApp messenger remains accessible.

The two countries in 2010 threatened to ban BlackBerry instant messaging  and demanded installing local servers to censor the service. The services  remain uninterrupted but it was not clear how far the RIM Canadian maker did  comply. -- AFP

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