Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lagi Rogol Berkumpulan Di India, Kali Ini Pelancong Switzerland Jadi Mangsa

Selepas kita digemparkan dengan perbuatan seorang pemandu teksi keturunan India merogol seorang pelancong Amerika Syarikat di Sepang minggu lalu, kali ini dunia anti-rogol digemparkan pula dengan kisah rogol pelancong lagi.

Kali ini di India. Negara rogol merogol. Seorang pelancong Switzerland yang sedang berkhemah ketika berbasikal bersama suaminya dirogol oleh sekumpulan lelaki selepas mereka dirompak.

Wanita Switzerland dirogol beramai-ramai di India

BHOPAL 17 Mac - Seorang pelancong wanita warga Switzerland dirogol secara berkumpulan di tengah India semalam dalam kes terbaharu keganasan seksual terhadap wanita.

Menurut polis, ketika kejadian mangsa sedang berbasikal bersama suaminya di negeri Madhya Pradesh, sebelum didatangai tujuh atau lapan lelaki yang menyerang pasangan itu kelmarin.

Kumpulan penyerang itu dilaporkan merompak pasangan tersebut, sebelum merogol wanita terbabit di hadapan suaminya.

Kes tersebut berlaku selepas seorang pelajar perubatan mati akibat dirogol secara berkumpulan di dalam sebuah bas di New Delhi pada Disember lalu. - AFP

Police: Swiss tourist gang-raped in India

From Sumnima Udas, CNN
March 16, 2013 -- Updated 1233 GMT (2033 HKT)

(CNN) -- Police are investigating the gang-rape of a tourist in central India, the latest black eye for the country over violence against women.

A Swiss couple was camping near a forest in India's Datia district when a group of men beat the husband and raped his wife, the district's deputy superintendent of police, R.S. Prajapati, told CNN. There were between five and seven attackers, he said.

The couple arrived in Mumbai on February 3 and were on a cycling tour across the country, said D.K. Arya, deputy inspector general of police.

The attackers stole a laptop, 10,000 rupees (US $185) and a mobile phone, he said. The victims went to police and the woman was hospitalized and later released.

Twenty people have been detained for questioning, Arya said.

The couple is staying at a guesthouse in the Datia district while the investigation unfolds, he said.

The Swiss ambassador to India, Linus von Castelmur, has spoken with the couple and offered any support they will need.

"Their health and treatment is the priority of the moment," the ambassador said in a statement. "The embassy has also been in touch with the local authorities and has requested for swift investigation and for justice to be done."

The attack comes at a time in India when there are calls for stricter laws on sexual assault and changes in cultural attitudes toward women.

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