Khamis, Mac 13, 2014

Warga Amerika Syarikat dakwa temui bangkai pesawat MH370

Seorang pengurus IT di Amerika Syarikat, Mike Seberger mendakwa menemui bangkai pesawat Boeing 777-200 milik Penerbangan Malaysia yang hilang bersama 227 penumpang dan 12 anak kapal 6 hari lalu.

Dia yang membantu operasi mencari menggunakan kaedah crowdsourcing melalui laman mendakwa menemui objek yang bertepatan dengan saiz sebuah pesawat Boeing 777 di sebalik gumpalan awan melalui imej satelit yang diambil pada 9 Mac, sehari selepas pesawat tersebut dilaporkan hilang.

Memetik laporan Mirror UK itu,  tiada maklumat lanjut tentang kedudukan tepat pesawat tersebut dilaporkan.

Pictured: Has IT manager found missing Malaysian Airlines plane after surfing satellite images on the internet?

IT manager Mike Seberger said he may have detected the missing Malaysian Airlines plane on a high-resolution satellite photo

Mystery: IT manager Mike Seberger found this image by surfing satellite images on the internet

One of the millions of people gripped by the mystery of flight MH370 may have tracked down the missing jet... simply by surfing the internet.
IT manager Mike Seberger said he may have detected the missing Malaysian Airlines plane on a high-resolution satellite photo taken above the seas where it went missing.
The image he spotted shows a plane-shaped object under a bank of white cloud in the Gulf of Thailand, an arm of the South China Sea.
42 ships and 39 aircraft from 12 different countries have been drafted in to search for the missing Boeing 777 and the 239 passengers - with no success.
But if Mr Seberger’s hunch is correct, he will have solved a mystery that has fascinated the world and baffled experts - all from the comfort of his home.
Mr Seberger, 47, from Chicago, United States, found the mystery object after logging on to the Tomnod website, which uploaded the satellite images of 1,000 square miles the day after the plane disappeared.
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