Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Poisonous Well Of Idea

The idealism that never been moderated by faith will drag one’s mentality towards a race of arguments. Truths are always bitter for those who are far lost in their journey seeking for nothingness. The state of mind that has been colored by ideas is actually the highway to no where. The deeper it went into the well of idea, the close it come to the rules that automatically rejecting the words of God. And that what God want us to face. These tests of faith, was the key of the worldly life.

Billions of people all over the world are heading towards single idea that pursued as the most noble, just to suits the desire of idea. Moderation is ancient and advanced research replacing history education. The world is moving on the wrong path. People will never return to the basic consciousness on their purpose of worldly life. But with the will of God, people may sense this abnormality, and will found the right path to go through, just to be spared for a better eternity.

Islam is a religion and Muslims are those who embraced this religion. But nobody realize that anyone that believe in Allah, and follow His words from al-Quran that came via His last messenger Muhammad, are considered Muslim, simultaneously Islam, although they bear various name and way of faith. Quran was the end of God words that regulate mankind with the most save way of living, yet so hard to be hold on for disbelievers. It was Allah, as it finally pronounced, the God of all prophets and messengers. He come with names that suits with languages and civilization of the past, and finally, with the name that what believers must know it better.

The clear hint for those in the right path, let us look in ourselves, what have we done to keep us secured. Is it sufficient? Or, are we going to join the fake leaders, in their march to rip off the faith of the humans off the one and only, Allah the Almighty.

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