Sabtu, Disember 15, 2012

20 Murid, 7 Dewasa Maut Dibunuh Di AS Hari Ini

Amerika Syarikat digemparkan lagi dengan serangan ke atas sekolah. Kali ini 27 orang mati, termasuk 20 orang kanak-kanak apabila seorang pemuda berusia 20 tahun melepaskan tembakan rambang. Kejadian berlaku hari ini di Sekolah Rendah Sandy Hook, Newtown, Connecticut, Amerika Syarikat. Pembunuh kemudian membunuh diri dan angka kematian menjadi 28 orang.

Sandy Hook Elementary shooting leaves 27 dead, law enforcement sources say

By Steve Vogel, Sari Horwitz and David A. Fahrenthold,

NEWTOWN, Conn.--A shooting at an elementary school in this small Connecticut town on Friday morning killed 27 people, including 20 children, police said.

The dead at Sandy Hook Elementary, about 60 miles northeast of New York City, included the suspected gunman. One other person was injured. Police said that the shootings were carried out in two rooms, located in the same section of the school.

They said 18 of the children had died at the scene, and two more died after being taken to hospitals.

In addition, police described a “secondary crime scene,” elsewhere in Newtown, where another adult was found dead. A Connecticut State Police spokesman, Lt. J. Paul Vance said that the second scene was discovered during the investigation into the school shootings. He did not give details about how the two incidents were connected.

Vance did not officially release the gunman’s identity. Law enforcement sources identified him as Adam Lanza, 20, whose mother Nancy was a kindergarten teacher at the school. Nancy Lanza was among the first killed, law enforcement sources said, and many of the young victims were her students.

Dorothy Hanson, who is the suspect’s grandmother and Nancy Lanza’s mother, said in a brief phone interview Friday that she could not fathom the violence that ended their lives.

“I just can’t cope with it right now,” Hanson said through tears. “She was my daughter, and a beautiful girl and I loved her. I just can’t make any more comments than that right now.”

Among the dead was the school’s principal, Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung, according to law enforcement sources. Press reports said Hochsprung had been the school’s principal since 2010, and had been a schools administrator for 12 years before that. Local news organizations reported that she was married, with two daughters and three stepdaughters.

“She was always enthusiastic, always smiling, always game to do anything,” said Kristin Larson, a former secretary of the school’s Parent-Teacher Association. In a phone interview, Larson choked up as she recalled Hochsprung hugging students at the start of the school year. “She wanted them to do well in school,” Larson said, “but she also wanted them to have fun.”

Earlier on Friday, law enforcement sources had misidentified the shooter as Adam’s brother Ryan Lanza, 24. Based on reports from those sources, the Washington Post and many other news outlets also identified Ryan Lanza as the suspected shooter.

Ryan Lanza was taken into custody near his home in Hoboken, N.J. on Friday; news reports showed him being escorted in handcuffs by police. But authorities said they do not believe he was involved in the crime. It was unclear what caused the initial confusion between the brothers.

Police described the school itself as one of the most horrific crime scenes that many had ever encountered, and officials said the first-arriving responders would be given counseling.

Children who were evacuated from the school said later that they had been told to keep their eyes closed until they were outside.

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