Selasa, Julai 09, 2013

Pergerakan Taufan Soulik

West Pacific Hurricane & Tropical Storm Center

Soulik Gaining Strength

7/8/2013 12:40:22 PM
Tropical Storm Soulik is now gaining strength over the open waters of the Philippine Sea. The storm is expected to continue on a westerly track for the next several days and is likely to become a typhoon by Tuesday or Tuesday night. Later in the week, the storm is expected to track very close to Taiwan and the east coast of China, and a landfall in this region is also possible by later Friday or Saturday. This track will cause some concern for the Islands between Taiwan and Japan as gusts from Soulik could be as high as 130 mph as it passes through.
All interests in Taiwan and eastern China should closely monitor the progress of Soulik over the next few days.

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