Ahad, Mei 12, 2013

21 Balaci PR Ditangkap Polis Singapura Kerana Demo Haram Protes Keputusan PRU13

21 balaci Pakatan Rakyat ditahan polis Singapura kerana mengadakan protes keputusan pilihanraya di Taman Merlion petang semalam. Polis Singapura menjelaskan, mereka yang melanggar undang-undang perlu ditangani dengan serius.

Padan muka.

21 M'sians arrested for staging protest at Merlion Park

SINGAPORE: Police have arrested 21 Malaysians for staging a protest at the Merlion Park on Saturday afternoon. The arrest was made after the group gathered at about 4.50pm on Saturday.

Police said those who break the law will be seriously dealt with.

The protest comes after nine Malaysians were issued conditional warnings for participating in an illegal gathering at the same place on Wednesday night. That incident was to protest the Malaysian election results.

A police statement issued on Saturday evening said foreigners must abide by Singapore laws, and should not import their domestic issues from their respective countries into Singapore.

The police also reminded social activist Jolovan Wham on his plan to hold a demonstration at Hong Lim Park on Sunday in a bid to show solidarity with Malaysians unhappy with the results of the country's recent general election.

The police said that it is his responsibility as an organiser to take appropriate measures to ensure laws are complied with.

The statement added that a police permit must be obtained if foreigners participate in the demonstration.

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profit berkata...

Syabas polis S'pore!!!!!!!!!!!
Kita asyik bagi amaran dan AKAN panggil untuk siasatan.

مهمد شفاريز berkata...

Paper mane nieh?